Engine Oils


Extreme Pressure Transmission Oil
GLO EP Gear Oil is extreme pressure, premium gear oil. It is formulated from superior base fluids and special additive packages, providing extreme pressure characteristics to satisfy demanding service conditions i.e. highspeed, shock loads and high torque at low speeds and thermal stability over a wide range of operating temperatures and heavy duty conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability
  • Superior anti-wear properties to protect gear components against scoring caused by high speed and heavy loads
  • Multi-application use for a wide range of equipment and operating conditions
  • Extended drain interval while maintaining grade
  • Significantly extended transmission life
  • Excellent fluidity at low temperatures


  • Gear systems where API GL-5 performance gear oils are required or permitted such as rear drive difierentials andfinal drive units
  • Commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses, light vehicles and vans, with manual transmission
  • Industrial gear components used in construction, mining, and agriculture


API: GL-5, MIL: L- 2105 D.